Apr 20, 2009

Poem: Confused Beliefs

I wrote this poem in high school and while it does not reflect my current views I think it does express how a person feels when questioning their beliefs.


Confused Beliefs

The world's many voices,

Crying out conflicting views

--Few are right,  many wrong.

Where is the truth?


The light I seek is hidden

Among multiple beliefs:

Only one is right.

What holds the truth?


Finding God in prayer

--Seemingly an empty palace

Away from mortal view.

Is there truth?


Righteous people

--Those who sin

A difference of opinions.

Which is the truth?


Looking for God

In all the wrong places.

Forget the soul

Does my heart hold the truth?


Ever persecuted

--Believing differently.

With critical thought.

Do I have the truth?


Others conform;

I question.

Creating greater confusion.

Who knows the truth?

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