Oct 20, 2009

#No God

Anyone who plays around on Twitter probably noticed today that #No God was the #1 trending topic for quite a few hours. It was there for a fluke reason but was a lot of fun to play with. Basically, a popular twitter theist tweeted "No God, No Peace; Know God Know Peace" Well between that getting RTd a few thousand times and other people tweeting things like "Oh no, my God I don't want to go to school today" #No God became a trending topic. Much to the dismay of the Christians and other theists, Atheists picked up on this and ran with it.

Surprise, surprise but some people started threatening to delete their Twitter accounts if #No God remained a trending topic. They also made sure to throw some mighty nasty insults at anyone using the #No God tag in any way that was not flattering to their personal (and very sensitive) worldview. Some of these insults were so bad that I won't repeat them here others were as lame as "RT: @djsynical: @HappyAtheist your face proves god has truly shunned you #mudduck//<---look, a true christian!".

Well, apparently, like a kid refusing to quit screaming if they don't get candy, these childish twits got their way and Twitter removed #No God from the trending topics well before activity had died down. It didn't slide down the TT list, it was manually removed by Twitter staff. While Twitter is a private company and can censor however much they like, if censorship becomes a Twitter trend I guarantee they will lose their growing fan base.

Oct 1, 2009

The Camp Quest Texas T-shirt Design Contest 2010

The Camp Quest Texas T-shirt Design Contest 2010 gives contestants the opportunity to express their creativity while helping to further free thought and promote Camp Quest Texas. For additional information and entry form, see the Official Rules (PDF).

Prizes:One (1) first place entry will receive recognition as the winning t-shirt designer as well as one free t-shirt imprinted with their design. All top five (5) entries will receive recognition on the CQ TX website.

Enter from October 1, 2009 till Midnight October 31, 2009

Full rules and entry form located at: http://campquesttexas.org/donate