Oct 20, 2009

#No God

Anyone who plays around on Twitter probably noticed today that #No God was the #1 trending topic for quite a few hours. It was there for a fluke reason but was a lot of fun to play with. Basically, a popular twitter theist tweeted "No God, No Peace; Know God Know Peace" Well between that getting RTd a few thousand times and other people tweeting things like "Oh no, my God I don't want to go to school today" #No God became a trending topic. Much to the dismay of the Christians and other theists, Atheists picked up on this and ran with it.

Surprise, surprise but some people started threatening to delete their Twitter accounts if #No God remained a trending topic. They also made sure to throw some mighty nasty insults at anyone using the #No God tag in any way that was not flattering to their personal (and very sensitive) worldview. Some of these insults were so bad that I won't repeat them here others were as lame as "RT: @djsynical: @HappyAtheist your face proves god has truly shunned you #mudduck//<---look, a true christian!".

Well, apparently, like a kid refusing to quit screaming if they don't get candy, these childish twits got their way and Twitter removed #No God from the trending topics well before activity had died down. It didn't slide down the TT list, it was manually removed by Twitter staff. While Twitter is a private company and can censor however much they like, if censorship becomes a Twitter trend I guarantee they will lose their growing fan base.


  1. that's really too bad that twitter manually removed it. i wonder what other topics they've taken off. as far as i know they didn't remove "teach a nigga tuesday," and while i'm not implying they should have, i wonder who decides what is too offensive for display. hee, probably god? :-/ lame.

  2. Ha! The hashtag #LuciferIsComing, which was a promo for the season premier of the hit CW show Supernatural, was removed from the Trending Topics manually by the Twitter staff.
    Those who used the hashtag were also subjected to out & out /hateful/ tweets from angry & confused religious loonys who had no idea what was going on & couldn't be bothered to read that the majority of the tweets with the hashtag had /nothing/ to do with religion at all.
    So, yeah. Twitter is already making censorship a habit. Next thing you know, they'll start censoring curse words in your tweets. Those &@&$?!&?.

  3. I've seen Twitter manually remove a contest hashtag too, #Moonfruit I believe? Their censorship is there, it's just not always obvious.

  4. I am always expecting censorship in today's society, but I will never stop objecting to it.

    It is typical that it is usually the christians that gets their way.

  5. http://programsnew.spaces.live.com/
    I know God and I gotta tell ya I love God
    I am sorry to hear that twitter took that off
    line,but you know there are not a lot of real christians, these are those who get offended
    I apologize for these people they simply dont
    know God like they say they do
    because if they did they would know that any topic about God is for God.Kinda like in hollywood when an actor says there is no bad publicity, cause at least your talking about it, and thaT In turn gets you to think about it,and as long as your thinking about God check out my blog on God.
    and remember Jesus loves you and he does not judge you ,but forgives you,

  6. God doesnt exist in any of the current idiologies. So to almost anyone who reads that it is very correct that thier god doesnt exist. So i wish they would stfu about things that are just telling them the truth-_-. Ugh laaaaame christians as always.... , but then agian athiests can get just as stupid and anoying."in god we trust" thing is just bs that athiest have a problem with. God exists. Without a god of somesorts nothing would exist for its turtle's all the way down to quote a famous joke.